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Knowing your own value changes everything. When you reflect on the details of your accomplishments and the business impact that followed, renewed confidence and patterns of your special talents emerge.

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The Value Proposition Worksheet

The Value Proposition Worksheet is like no other career tool you’ve used. It’s the one eye-opening tool that will change how you see yourself and project your business and leadership value.

The Value Proposition Worksheet is a unique and proven tool that will transform your career advancement, ability to lead others and your compensation.

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You know you’re qualified, you know you have the experience, but there’s one big problem… you don’t have a clear Career Strategy in place! The Value Proposition Worksheet is a unique tool that is going to transform YOUR chances of landing that top job and your career future. The Value Proposition Worksheet is a proven tool that will enable you to…


Create a winning and actionable plan by clearly defining your career strategy


Get noticed by recruiters, hiring managers and your peers by stating your Value Proposition


Invite top job offers and high-end salary packages by interviewing successfully


Advance along the career path that you have mapped out for yourself

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“I have been very fortunate to go through the 2Actify coaching courses. The Value Proposition
Worksheet, in particular, was invaluable in advancing my career, enabling me to clearly identify
and articulate the value that I have to offer an employer."
Sateria Salim
Engineering & Development Manager
“The 2Actify strategists have been my guides on networking, leadership and understanding
my value proposition. They are great listeners and committed career mentors. The Value Proposition
Worksheet definitely changed how I perceive myself and present myself to others.
Richa Shukla
Software Project Engineer